Photo by ahmed adly from Pexels

Death, the Game of Numbers and the Death Eater.

It’s all a numbers game. Or is it?

  1. Suicide wasn’t an option, it reduces the victim to a painful memory.
  2. Make peace with death, a pact per se. Realise his inevitability and understand his time will come and hoping my time won’t be as painful.
Photo from Pexels

He will swallow up death forever. -Isaiah 25:8a

By eating Death, He was more than Death. More than a number. He taught others to eat Death and overcome it and they, in turn, taught other people. He taught me as well. The first step is to believe in Him and His Love. The next step is to show that belief in His Love to others. It lay not in the magnitude of the immortality projects I did but in the love, His Love I shared. That is what makes me or anyone who believes in Him more than a number.



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